About this site

Desktop/Laptop Viewers

The home page has all posts and events that are posted to the site. If you wish to only view blog articles, scroll down to until you see “Categories” on the right hand side of the screen and then click “Blog”. If you only wish to see the events then click on the “Current events” tab located just above the search bar.

In the current events tab you will see a calendar of all lodge related events that are happening soon. To add an event directly to your calendar, click on the event you want to add. You will be redirected to a page in which gives you a photo, details and a location for the event. Between the photo and location click one of the two grey buttons to add to your calendar. The button on the left is for google calendars and the one on the right is for iPhone calendars.

Mobile Viewers

Use the Menu tab at the top right of the screen to navigate the site, to reach the Blog scroll down any page until you see under “Categories” and tap “Blog”

For events go to the “Current Events” in the Menu and click on the event you want from the calendar. From there you can export events directly to your phone!

Interested in joining?

View the “What are the qualifications to join?” section, under the “What is Freemasonry?” tab to see if Freemasonry is right for you!



For any other questions in navigating this site, contact us