About McCook Lodge #135


McCook Lodge #135 A.F. & A.M. was founded in 1884 with Gilbert Law as the first Master of the fraternity when John J. Wemple was Grand Master of Nebraska. Since then our lodge has enjoyed a rich history and has had many of the local founders of McCook, as well as the name of Sen. George Norris on its rolls. As impressive as this may be it’s more important to note that we have stayed true to our mission.

Some men seek wealth and some seek power, some men seek fame through every hour. The Mason’s aim is understood, his business is world Brotherhood. Regardless of his power or wealth, he’s not content to think of self, and although he’s striving to be good, his main concern is Brotherhood. A Mason, therefore, is a man who is convinced that it is God’s Plan that all His earthly children should create a world-wide Brotherhood; and so he works both day and night to bring others love and light, to prove to all men, bad and good, his business is world Brotherhood.

Masonry is taking good men and making them better.


Current Lodge Officers:

Worshipful Master- Adam Wolford

Senior Warden- Phil Lyons

Junior Warden- Kenneth Keslin

 Senior Deacon- John Zlomke

 Junior Deacon- Zackary Wright

 Secretary- Steve Lyne

 Chaplin- Don Rife

Tyler- Marshal Grant

McCook Lodge, Master, Warden and Deacons.

Top row from left to right: Steve Lyne, Marshal Grant, Ron Stumer

Bottom row from left to right: John Zlomke, Phil Lyons, Adam Wolford, Kenneth Keslin, Zackary Wright

Not Pictured: Don Rife