What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry means something a little bit different to every member that joins, and we use many symbols to convey these meanings. But that does not do much good to an outsider who has curiosity about what we are and what we do. This video does a very good job at explaining what we stand for, Brought to you by Brother Ben Franklin himself!

The mission of every Freemason is to better himself and the world around him, every day and in every way possible. We do this through providing hope to those that are in need, giving to charity and by promoting faith in Deity. We also make the world better by promoting the value of brotherly love, in which fraternity between Freemasons allows brothers that are having troubles in life to have someone to reach out to for advice and fellowship. This way, we can help guide each other and ensure that each of use make the right choices, As a result we are chiseled into being the best we can be!

What are the qualifications to join?

To become a Mason, it is required that a candidate professes belief in a Supreme Being, though specific belief about Deity is to be determined individually by each Mason. By answering to a higher power, it puts a Mason’s actions in check. Living one’s life according to the moral teachings of a higher power ensures that a person’s everyday actions are done with best intentions in mind.

To Freemasons, family values are of utmost importance. It is important that each and every person provide care for their family. to be a good Mason, putting your family first is a must.

When a potential member is looking to join, they can contact their local lodge or a Freemason that they may know. They then will be given something called a petition. The petition is very similar to a job application and should be treated with the same solemnity. After returning the petition to the lodge, the petition will be considered and voted on within the next 1-2 regular communications, so it may take up to a couple of months. After the petition is reviewed they will be interviewed by up to three lodge members. The lodge members then report back to their brothers about the interview. The members vote, and, if the petitioner is given a positive vote unanimously, the petitioner officially becomes a candidate for membership and will be contacted with more information. Occasionally it may take a lot of waiting before you can regularly attend lodge, but if you are very eager to make a difference in Freemasonry, try to see if you can attend lodge meals and events that are open to non-Masons. This allows lodge members to become familiar with you, which may make it easier and faster to join a lodge.

In order to become a Mason you must have good morals, profess a belief in Deity and you must be able to provide for your family. If you feel you are a good fit, head on over to the contact page and send us an email!